Friday, March 9, 2007

I was tagged!

I was tagged by Ain this time...

6 weird thigs about me?

Haa haa haa..I've been weird all along...

1) Tak tahu kenapa, kalau baca cerpen, I would cry when the plot went sad....macam in Versus,Naqiah Khalidah...even when I knew its all mere creations.

2) I would sleep with my glasses on, takut mimpi nanti tak nampak clear...maybe.

3) I am a left handed, but bila sapu sampah, and house chores, my right hand works better.

4) I am close to my cyber friends...boleh nangis dan ketawa bersama...cos we meet in alam maya..but in real life, I freak out.Macam anti soc...?

5) I love to bake, but I cant cook!And I puke at my own cooking sedangkan di asrama I am attached to the school kitchen, day in, day out!

6) I write novels in Malay, scored a Distinction in Malay as Mother Tongue for my "O"(well, who didnt?) BUT..... when I speak, its all berterabur....

* to my no 6's statement, I must thank the Teratakianz, Hlovate and Rnysa and Kak Noor Suraya...whoever you ppl might be, cos kita tak pernah bertemu tapi terasa ukhwah dah terjalin walaupun setakat baca karya you guys....for giving me the trusto read Malay novels, yang selama ini I takut nak pegang....but ur karyas changed my perspective of the Malay Novels world.....

Ain...dah okay ke ni?

Now nak tag siapa?

Syafiqah, Nurul Aini, Saiedah, Hafizz, Aisyah Iskandar, Miqdad.....jawab!

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